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  • PE wax(PEW-C1040)

    PEW-C1040 is a distinguished class of Polyethylene wax which is exclusively used in hot melt adhesive industry.It play an important role in adjusting the melting point,flowability, hardness, improving the physical and lubricity properties of end formulation.Our products are available in powder and flake form for excellent compounding and convenient handling in variety of applications.

    Property Value Unit Test method
    Dropping Point 110-115 ASTM D3954
    Penetration Index 1-2 mm·10-1  ASTM D1321
    Viscosity at 140 °C 20-40 mPas ASTM D445
    Density 0.94–0.96 g/cm3 ASTM D1505
    Color White    
    Physical Form powder / flake    



    it can improve product's physical appearance and thermal properties for a broad range of industries, including hot melt adhesive, PVC, color masterbatch, rubber and thermoplastics road marking etc.


    25Kgs net kraft paper bag.also palletlization is available.


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